Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why I Won't Vote for The Donald (Trump) ...

The Donald certainly seems to be a successful businessman. He definitely has a higher net worth than I do. He's built a lot of high dollar properties, employed more people, etc. From the standpoint of someone who might be able to improve the American business climate, I'm guessing he'll do a MUCH better job than our current Prevaricator Of The United States could ever do. He'd probably do a better job of negotiating with our "frenemies" such as China, Russia, Mexico, and Venezuela.

But I don't think these issues are at the core of our problems in the United States. The base issue, is that we are no longer following the principles of our Constitution. The Constitution assigns separate powers to the separate branches of the Federal Government. This separation was broken many years ago. When Congress gave the Executive Branch the authority to create regulations through different agencies that would have the force of law, Congress gave up it's  Legislative power to the Executive branch. Until this President came into office, the Executive branch has been somewhat circumspect about creating new Laws/Regulations. But the current Prevaricator Of The United States, has gone overboard. Things had been getting worse slowly, but it has greatly accelerated in these last two terms.

The reason I won't vote for The Donald, is he appears to be oblivious to this. He speaks of making better deals, about creating jobs, etc. But nothing about our Constitution and how it is being ignored. He's said nothing about how he would try to fix that. So, if he gets into office, things will only get worse NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES.

He will not restore our freedom, because he does not really understand the Constitution ...

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hyper - Hypocritical Harry?

Recently, Dirty Harry made a speech on the Senate floor about the "racist" NFL. Apparently, he feels any reference to Indians is some sort of derogatory remark. You can read about it here.

So, I did a cursory search on the interweb about Indian related names in the glorius home state of Dirty Harry, Nevada. Here's what about 10 seconds of searching found (not guaranteed to be complete).

Mesquite (derived from an Aztec name)

Of course, it's not enough to just rename the cities and counties. You have to rename all the government buildings, libraries, school districts, schools, school teams, possibly junior college teams, and even private business that use the name of the city / county in their business name.

Clean up your own house first, Harry!