Sunday, February 26, 2012

Is Romney Just an Obama Mini-me?

Mr. Romney doesn't seem to get his numbers up very much. His opponents have surged and fallen by the way-side ever since the beginning of the primary contest. Pundits have theorized that the reason is the conservative base (and perhaps the middle) are just supporting the "anyone-but-Romney" of the day.  As each of these alternatives is found to have serious flaws, the next in line is supported until another major flaw is found. While people seem puzzled by this "anyone-but-Romney" ethos, no one seems to have a handle on why it exists. To me the answer is glaringly evident.

Mr. Romney is just an Obama Mini-Me, or Obama LIte.

Why do I say that? To answer that, I look at two things that are particularly revealing about his nature and beliefs. The first thing is the answer he gave recently to the question, "What would be your first actions if you were elected President?" His response was essentially, he would, through executive order, give waivers to the States so they could "decline" to participate in Obamacare. Compare that to Newt's answer, which was he would, day one, ask Congress to repeal Obamacare. Note the difference. Newt recognizes that Congress is the source of all Federal laws. Mitt never even mentions repealing it. He'd just issue an executive order. Mitt seems to have no idea how our Constitution lays things out. When it comes to Obamacare, Congress is the real culprit here. They passed the damn law! It may have been Obama's desire to pass it, but Congress brought the desire to fruition. Romney's solution is just to "paper" over the problem, and ignore it. It doesn't make the problem go away. Worse, it  allows an executive order in the next administration to remove the waivers. Mitt just doesn't understand the real issue.

The second reason is somewhat apocryphal. It is reported that in the last campaign, Mitt was sitting in a cameraman's garage, waiting for some event to begin, or for his time on stage to start. He noticed that the garage was dirty, and began to sweep it clean and tidy it up.

Now what could be wrong with that? Helping your fellow man, keeping active (since idle hands are the devil's playground), etc. Except for two things: the cameraman didn't ask Mitt to clean up the garage, and Mitt didn't ask for permission before he began cleaning. He assumed, "no one really wants to have their garage this way, let me just help by making it the way I think is best". In other words, a do-gooder liberal who thinks he knows the way that you should live - his way. I realize that cleaning someone else's garage is a humble act. It certainly is beneath me most of the time. It certainly implies that Mitt is not too much of a snob to get his hands dirty. What's telling, and disturbing, is the innate instinct to INTRUDE on someone's life without asking them. The implicit assumption of "I know better than you how you should run your life".

To me the only difference between Obama and Mitt is one of degree. Romney may have more business experience, and may be able to help the economy more - but the two of them share the same disregard or lack of understanding of our founding documents, and they both are happy to try and make sure you live your life they way they think you should.