Sunday, April 1, 2012

Should Sony Spell Their Name "CRAP"?

I've never been too fond of Sony equipment. Years ago, my #1 offspring wanted a laptop. A Sony Vaio was purchased. It broke (display went out), in about a year - out of warranty.  The cost to replace the display was more than the cost of the original laptop. TRASH HEAP!

About 2 years ago, I made the mistake of buying a Sony Bloggie at CostCo to record the activities of offspring #2. What a pile ...

Sound quality is bad. Focus takes too long to acquire. Changing the zoom means taking one hand off the device, and ultimately changing the plane the device is in, which messes up the video.

The software, chrome browser based, is another pile of crap. Every time I've started it, it asks if I want to download an update for a device that is not my model. Occasionally it just freezes. Now the upload to YouTube is no longer working. When I upload (after poking around and finding the file I want outside of the Bloggie software), the audio and visual are not in sync.

Finally, the device itself no longer turns on. We had some intermittent problems recently, where it would just freeze - wouldn't record video, couldn't change the zoom, couldn't turn it off. According to the Lady of the House, letting the battery run down completely, then putting it on the charger,pressing the on/off button would bring it back to "normal".

No longer. It seems to be terminally broken. I suppose I could find out if someone can repair it. But then I'd have spent more money to get a functioning device that I really don't like. I'll spend some time looking for better alternatives.

Sony seems to be a company that can no longer produce anything of quality - or at least anything I care about.